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About Wombats Woodshop

Reclaim - Reuse - Relove

At Wombats Woodshop we love to use salvaged & reclaimed wood and turn it into practical items that are meant to be used. 

Wombats Woodshop is a family concern started in 2018 selling products to friends and through local craft fairs & events. However, as time went on it evolved from a hobby to a small business running alongside our house renovations.

In 2020 we made loads of lovely local business connections and collaborations as well as growing the handmade reclaimed soap dishes selling wholesale to eco & refil shops as well as soap makers offering customised names as well as manageable quantities.

We get asked where does the name come from - Bill was called Willy Wombat by his late father, who was a master carpenter. so that's where the name comes from. After loving woodwork & carpentry it was a natural thing to evolve after Bill left working for a big multinational & decided to go semi retired from his consultancy business.

Carol has always enjoyed craft of all sorts, many of the items now made have come from her own requirements or suggestions & commissions from friends and family. 

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