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Wombats Woodshop

Reclaim - Reuse - Relove

At Wombats Woodshop, we use salvaged & reclaimed wood and turn it into practical items that are meant to be used. 

We are a family business which started in 2018, selling products to friends through local craft fairs & events. However, as time went on, we evolved from a hobby into a small business. Our aim is to make old things beautiful again, and a lot of love goes into our products. We are eco-friendly and do a lot to help the small business community including collaborations and bespoke items. All our wood comes from sustainable sources and we make every effort to stay zero waste! 

We like to add personal touches to all our products, and that's why we invested in a laser engraver so everything has the ability to be personalised. See our products page for more details and please get in contact with us if you have any queries.


Meet The Team:

Chief Wombat

Bill Webb -  Bill used to work for for a big multinational consultancy business but after finding his love for woodwork and carpentry, he decided to go semi-retired and kickstart this business. We often get asked where our name comes from - Bill was called Willy Wombat by his late father, who was a master carpenter and the name seemed a good fit.


Technical Wombat

Carol Webb -  Carol has always enjoyed craft of all sorts. She used to work as an account manager but is now in charge of everything behind the scenes for the wombats. This includes all the personalisation, coming up with ideas for products and keeping on top of orders!

Contact Us:

Where to find us:

Come and visit:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Sun: Closed


26 Otter Close


Milton Keynes


Phone: 07787000655


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